Cedar River Horse Logging is owned by Tim Carroll of Lyle, Minnesota

Tim doesn’t only do logging but he takes the wood “from tree to product” he says, with a lumberyard, mill and kiln drier all on his land, he produces quality woods in the varieties of cherry, walnut, maple and more depending on the market and recent jobs.

Cedar River Horse Logging operates is inherently more sustainable and friendly to the environment than traditional logging because of the lower impact on the forest, but besides the low impact business practice, Tim Carroll is thinking big and outside of forestry in terms of living a sustainable lifestyle.

Offering Classes and seminars

  •  Classes on sustainable living practices, gardening, draft horse training and working, canning, rain water systems, cooking on wood and bush craft.
  •  Seminars on saw milling, chain saw safety and directional felling, kiln drying, draft horse whispering and training, Whispering for Christ.